Cancer Treatments

Treatments at the SRCC at Southlake

The Stronach Regional Cancer Centre (SRCC) at Southlake provides services for key cancer treatment areas: radiation therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy (biological therapy).  

We also provide support services for cancer surgeryOur care team works closely with surgical partners at Southlake Regional Health Centre to help our patients prepare for cancer surgery, recover from it or prepare for any treatments at the SRCC that follow it.

To learn more about each treatment area at the SRCC at Southlake, scroll down to Learn More at the bottom of this page. Below it, you will find images linked to sections about what to expect from each treatment, how to prepare, how to best manage your symptoms and where to get help.

Depending on the diagnosis, there are other treatments, such as hormonal therapy and stem cell transplant , which may be offered elsewhere. If your oncologist recommends any of these treatment areas, they will refer you to a specialist at another facility for treatment.

Before you start your treatment, take the time to prepare for it. To learn what you can do to prepare for treatment, clip/tap this button:

Prepare for Treatment

Clinical Trials

The SRCC at Southlake supports an increasing number of clinical trials or research studies to test new procedures, drugs or equipment that pave the way to advanced practices in cancer detection, treatment and prevention.

There may be a trial that fits your diagnosis or treatment plan. We regularly invite eligible patients to participate in specific studies. If you are interested in joining any of our trials, please speak with your oncologist.

Learn More

Select and click/tap the images displayed below to learn more about what to expect from each treatment area, how to manage your side effects or symptoms and where to get help: