If screening tests reveal an issue or your family physician has concerns about your health, they will refer you to:

  • A Nurse Navigator within the Diagnostic Assessment Unit (DAU) at Southlake
  • A specialist at Southlake
  • Another clinic or specialist at another hospital

Timely Diagnosis & a Nurse Navigator at Our DAU

Our DAU saves you time and reduces your stress through fast-track services to diagnose breast, colon, lung, prostate or skin cancer. Compared to many other diagnostic programs, it offers patients like you:

  • The ability to coordinate all your tests and appointments through one source, who will adjust times/locations to suit your needs, where feasible
  • A Nurse Navigator to guide you through the diagnosis process for breast, colon, lung, prostate or skin cancer
  • Less time waiting for each appointment
  • A definitive diagnosis (or not) for breast, colon, lung, prostate or skin cancer in a timely manner

Our DAU is located in Southlake’s Medical Arts Building (581 Davis Drive, Newmarket) and is at the centre of the Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) for the Central Regional Cancer Program.

Watch this less than three minutes long video to discover how the Breast DAU fast-tracks service for women who need further tests after suspicious findings on a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or physical exam.

How can we offer timely and convenient service? Our interprofessional team, processes and diagnostic technologies give our oncologists the capability to: coordinate services across the team and access digital images and test results in a timely manner.

Getting Referred to the DAU

If you have concerns about your health and believe you should be tested for cancer, see your family physician. [Your physician can go to the Patient Referrals page for forms to refer you to the DAU/ a specialist at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre (SRCC) at Southlake.]

Sending medical images at the time of referral – Your family physician may also ask you to obtain and send copies of your previous mammograms, ultrasounds or other medical images after they have sent in your referral. The care team may need to review these images before they schedule your first appointment. (You can contact the clinic/hospital where you have previously had images done and request a CD/copy of them.)

What’s Next?

Once you are diagnosed, your family physician may refer you to the SRCC at Southlake for treatment. (Your physician can find referral forms on the Patient Referrals page.)

Check these pages to learn about the steps in your experience with cancer,  your options and where to get help:

  1. Your First Visit to the SRCC at Southlake, what to bring and what happens at this first appointment
  2. Prepare for Treatment to learn about your treatment plan and how to get ready for it
  3. Treatments your oncologist may recommend for you and Managing Your Symptoms to make each as comfortable as possible
  4. Supportive Care to help you before, during or after your treatment