As of June 24th 2019, the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) will be available in Ontario as part of the ColonCancerCheck program. FIT is replacing the guaiac fecal occult blood test (gFOBT) as the recommended screening test for people at average risk of developing colorectal cancer. More information on the FIT test can be found here, and resources for healthcare providers can be found here.

Ordering FIT:

  • Primary care providers can order a FIT kit for eligible, average risk people by completing the new Cancer Care Ontario FIT requisition and fax it directly to LifeLabs (1-833-676-1427). It is important to validate patients’ mailing addresses to avoid mailing errors and delays.
  • LifeLabs will mail a pre-labelled FIT kit to patients. Providers will not maintain an inventory of FIT kits. Centralized distribution through LifeLabs will facilitate inventory management and allow for pre-labelling, minimizing labelling errors.
  • Primary care providers can indicate on the FIT requisition if the FIT kit should be mailed to an alternate address, which is different from the patient’s primary mailing address (e.g. community health centre, or nursing station for patients who live on a First Nation reserve.)
  • The FIT requisition will be available in all Ontario-MD Certified EMRs. Please add the requisition to your library of custom forms in your EMR. If you are unable to find the requisition in your EMR, you can manually upload it or email for support.

Returning a Completed FIT:

Patients will need to mail or drop off the test as soon as possible – ideally within two days of specimen collection, to ensure it arrives within 14 days. Patients can also drop off their FIT at any LifeLabs during business hours – for locations and hours, visit

Getting FIT Results:

Providers will get the results directly from LifeLabs with a recommendation for next steps. Providers will be responsible for communicating test result information to patients and ensuring that patients with an abnormal result receive timely follow-up. These patients should have a colonoscopy within eight weeks of their abnormal FIT result. Patients will also receive result letters from Cancer Care Ontario, including guidance on what to do next.

Referral to Follow-up Colonoscopy:

To ensure timely access to colonoscopy for patients with a positive (abnormal) FIT result, providers are required to use Central FIT Positive Colonoscopy Referral form and fax to the hospital of choice within the Central region.

Please note that out-of-hospital facilities within the Central Region will not be performing FIT positive colonoscopies.

Facilities Performing FIT Positive Colonoscopies in the Central Region:

Humber River Hospital

1235 Wilson Ave, Toronto,
ON M3M 0B2
TEL: 416-242-1000 ext. 21600
FAX: 416-242-1075

North York General Hospital

4001 Leslie St, North York,
ON M2K 1E1
TEL: 416-756-6925
FAX: 416-756-6926

Mackenzie Health

10 Trench St, Richmond Hill,
ON L4C 4Z3
TEL: 905-883-1212 ext. 7825
FAX: 905-883- 2062

Southlake Regional Health Centre

596 Davis Dr, Newmarket,
ON L3Y 2P9
TEL: 905-895-4521 ext. 2969
FAX: 905-954-3884

Markham Stouffville Hospital

381 Church St, Markham,
ON L3P 7P3
TEL: 905-472-7654
FAX: 905-472-7386

Stevenson Memorial Hospital

200 Fletcher Cres, Alliston,
ON L9R 1W7
*please fax referral form directly to specialist

For a list of all facilities funded by Cancer Care Ontario to provide colonoscopies for patients with an abnormal FIT result, visit

Primary Care Provider Registration for Patient Attachment:

As part of the ColonCancerCheck program, unattached patients (those without a primary care provider) are able to be screened. Patients with an abnormal FIT require an urgent colonoscopy. Please consider registering to accept unattached patients requiring this follow-up to your practice. You can register by completing this form.