Regional Diagnostic Assessment Program

The regional Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) at Southlake Regional Health Centre offers patients a more supportive and integrated experience than they may find elsewhere. Through the DAP, patients receive their diagnosis and are introduced to their surgeon, if needed, during the same visit.

The DAP is run out of the Diagnostic Assessment Unit (DAU), which is in the Medical Arts Building at Southlake. It’s equipped with the most advanced screening and diagnostic technologies that can accurately detect cancer at its earliest stages. Our team and technologies make it possible for us to offer timely evaluation procedures and coordinate the patient’s steps to diagnosis for lung, skin, breast, colon or prostate cancer, from one location

Patients may also opt to go to one of our other regional hospital partners for diagnostic assessments of most of these cancers. The exception is lung cancer, as Southlake is home to central region’s thoracic program, which has a multidisciplinary team able to diagnose and effectively treat it.

Fast-track Access and Results

Compared to traditional diagnostic programs, the regional DAP works in tandem with surgeons to centrally coordinate the patient’s steps through diagnosis to surgery, if required.

It offers our oncologists:

  • Immediate access to digital images
  • Greater capacity to see more patients
  • Timely access to all the tests we require to definitively diagnose lung, skin, breast, colon or prostate cancer
  • Nurse Navigators to guide patients being assessed for lung, skin, breast, colon or prostate cancer through their diagnosis tests, while adjusting appointment times/locations to meet their preferences, where feasible

This means patients wait less time for appointments, save travel time, receive a definitive diagnosis faster, have a smoother transition to surgery and a better experience.

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