Helena J. Hunt, EVP and COO, Clinical Programs, SouthlakeHelena Hutton

Regional Vice President, Central Regional Cancer Program, Cancer Care Ontario

Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Programs, Southlake Regional Health Centre

Catherine Cotton PortraitCatherine Cotton

Regional Director, Central Regional Cancer Program

Director, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre (SRCC) at Southlake

Regional Clinical Leads

Breast Imaging:

Rene Shumak LI tempDr. Rene Shumak, MD, RCPSC

Regional Breast Imaging Lead

Radiologist, Ontario Breast Screening Program, Cancer Care Ontario

Colposcopy & Cervical Screening:

Dr.LackmanDr. Felice Lackman, MD, FRCS(C)

Regional Cervical Screening/Colposcopy Lead

Physician Lead, Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Colorectal Screening & Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy:

Dr. David Baron PortraitDr. David Baron, MD, FRCSC

Regional Screening/GI (Gastrointestinal) Endoscopy Lead

Gastroenterologist, North York General Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging:

Dr. Lisa Thain PortraitDr. Lisa Thain, AB, MD, FRCP(C), DABR

Regional Cancer Imaging Lead

Clinical Director, MRI, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Radiologist, Mackenzie Health

Medical Oncology:

Dr Aglin edDr. Peter Anglin, MD, FRCPC, MBA

Regional Systemic Quality Lead, Systemic Treatment

Physician Lead, Medical Oncology, SRCC at Southlake

Oncology Nursing:

C CampbellColleen Campbell, NP, MN, CON(C)

Regional Oncology Nursing Lead

Nurse Practitioner, Complex Malignant Hematology Program, SRCC at Southlake

Palliative Care:

Dr. Cindy SoDr. Cindy So, MScCH MD, CCFP(PC)

Ontario Palliative Care Network, Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), Regional Palliative Care Multidisciplinary Clinical Co-lead

Palliative Care Physician, Southlake Regional Health Centre

Lynn-Penton-LI-tempLynne Penton, RN(NP)

Ontario Palliative Care Network, Central LHIN, Regional Palliative Care Multidisciplinary Clinical Co-lead

Nurse Practitioner, Humber River Hospital


Dr. Shaheda HandyDr. Shaheda Handy, MB, FRCPC

Regional Pathology Lead

Pathologist, Southlake Regional Health Centre

 Person Centred Care:

Ruth Barker PortraitRuth Barker

Regional Person Centred Care Lead (Patient Education, Patient Experience, Oncology, Symptom Management)

Person Centred Care Lead, Southlake Regional Health Centre

Primary Care:

Marla Ash tempDr. Marla Ash, MD, CCFP

Regional Primary Care Lead

Primary Care Physician, Family Health Team, North York General Hospital

Radiation Oncology:

Dr. Woodrow Wells, Physician Lead, Radiation MedicineDr. Woodrow (Woody) Wells, MD, FRCPC

Regional Radiation Oncology Lead

Physician Lead, Radiation Medicine, SRCC at Southlake

Surgical Oncology:

Dr.StotlandDr. Peter Stotland, MD, MSc, FRCSC

Regional Surgical Oncology Lead

Residency Site Coordinator, Deputy Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Colorectal Cancer Integrated Care Collaborative, North York General Hospital