Screening to Check for Cancer

Screening can find cancer before symptoms are noticed or abnormal growths become cancerous. You have more treatment options and a better chance of survival if you have routine screening and your cancer is detected early.

Regular Screening Programs

To help you get regular screening, Cancer Care Ontario  offers the following three organized screening programs:

  1. Ontario Breast Screening Program
  2. Ontario Cervical Screening Program
  3. Colon Cancer Check

When you participate in these programs, you’ll receive:

  • Result letters
  • Fast follow-ups, if needed
  • Timely reminders about your next screening visit

Check these programs to learn about the recommended screening guidelines and what screening you, your family and friends should get.

Contact a screening representative by email or by calling us at: 905-895-4521, ext. 6065.

Need a Family Physician?

Although you can get screened without a referral, it is important to have a Family Physician if your test reveals an abnormal result. If you don’t have a physician or a family health care provider who may be accepting new patients, contact Health Care Connect for help finding one in your community.

Please note: This webpage is for information only. Consult your family physician or a health professional and visit Screen for Life to learn about the right screening options for you. Please note, information may change, as we continuously learn more about this disease.

Learn More

  • Select, review and download our ScreenZine publication for more tips, resources and  details to help you prevent cancer and get screened for it.
  • Learn about the free education seminars/workshops our Prevention and Screening Team presents to community organizations on how to help prevent cancer and get screened for it.

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