Who are the HPC Teams?

The Hospice Palliative Care (HPC) Teams for Central LHIN are a partnership between:

  • The Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake Regional Health Centre
  • Central LHIN, Home and Community Care
  • Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care, Mt. Sinai Hospital

The Aging At Home Strategy provided original funding to the program in August 2008.

Supporting Palliative Care throughout the Central LHIN

Hospice Palliative Care Teams for Central LHIN logoThe HPC Teams’ goal is to enhance delivery of hospice palliative care to patients and their families throughout the Central LHIN community and streamline their experience within the healthcare system.

To achieve this goal, our Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) and Nursing Manager work collaboratively and consult with the primary care teams in the community. Through a consultative approach, we help primary and other healthcare providers deliver high quality hospice palliative care to patients and their families/caregivers within their homes.

Helping Healthcare Providers Interpret & Apply Best Practices

Our CNCs serve as a resource to help healthcare providers interpret and apply assessment tools and best practice guidelines to care. We facilitate hospice palliative care consultations, educate, mentor, support and provide linkages to varied providers, including:

  • Central LHIN Home and Community Care staff
  • Community Nursing & Support Agency staff
  • Family Health Teams
  • Hospice (Residential & Community) staff
  • Long-term Care & Retirement Home staff
  • Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

To learn more about how we support healthcare providers,
visit: Palliative Consultations

To learn more about hospices throughout the Central LHIN,
visit: Hospices

Helping Patients, their Caregivers & Families

Palliative care relieves suffering and improves quality of life for people of any age and at any stage in a serious illness. It may be part of, but is not the same as, end-of-life care. Palliative practices are present whether the illness is curable, chronic or life threatening.

If you think palliative care can help you or your loved one, speak with your (or their) oncologist or family physician about a referral. Palliative care is provided by the Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care program team at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake, as well as other hospitals across the region.

HPC Teams for Central LHIN can also provide pain and symptom management consultation services patients, their caregivers and families, as well as healthcare professionals.

To learn more about our services and how to refer a family member or friend, visit: Palliative Pain & Symptom Management

Accessing HPC Teams for Central LHIN

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 905-830-5800 and follow the prompts

Emergency On-Call (after hours, weekends & holidays): 905-954-5220

Email:  HPC Teams