Patient Safety

At the SRCC at Southlake, we ‘Put Patients First’ by providing safe and effective care for those we serve. You, your caregiver/family/friends can make your healthcare safer by being active, involved and informed. We encourage you to ask questions and speak up if you have concerns.

One way we maintain safety is to make sure we always identify our patients. To do this
properly, we photograph each patient on their first visit. We then put their photo in their electronic chart, where their care team uses it to identify them throughout their treatment.

Other steps we take to keep our patients safe include:

  • A ‘double check’ of all medication and therapy prescriptions before a patient receives treatment
  • A falls prevention program to identify patients who may be at risk of falling
  • Employing pharmacists with specialized training and experience with cancer drugs and therapies
  • A computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system with safeguards in place

Privacy and Confidentiality

If you are a patient or the person acting on your behalf, we will ask you for information about your health. This information helps us easily identify you each time you visit the SRCC at Southlake and provide you with the appropriate care you need.

We collect, use or share our patients’ personal information only for reasons related to their care.

For more details about our privacy policy, please visit this Privacy page on Southlake Regional Health Centre’s website.