Social workers aim to help people develop their skills and abilities to use their own resources and those in their community to resolve problems. They have both theoretical education and practical training at the undergraduate and often the graduate level.

Our social workers at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake have graduate level university education and training. They support patients, families and caregivers throughout the entire cancer experience — from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. This includes providing emotional support and counselling for various needs, such as helping our patients adjust to their illness and assisting them in supporting their children through a cancer diagnosis.

Our social workers also help our patients and caregivers with their practical needs, such as:

  • Exploring available financial resources
  • Providing information on transportation options to and from treatment
  • Reviewing appropriate resources in the community
  • Helping them to explore decisions about their treatment and ongoing care
  • Communicating with family members, friends and healthcare providers