There are various types of nurses, such as:

  • Registered Nurses (RNs) have a comprehensive education and have passed Ontario’s standardized registration exam and separate jurisprudence exam. Many of them also have a baccalaureate degree. They apply a knowledge base in clinical practice, critical thinking and research utilization. RNs can care for patients with complex needs in unpredictable situations.
  • Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are RNs with advanced university education. These nurses are able to assess, diagnose, order tests and prescribe medications to help patients manage their symptoms.

Working in a cancer centre takes a special kind of care and compassion. Our specialized oncology nurses, including RNs and NPs, are our patients primary point of contact. Each nurse has specialized education and the necessary experience to manage our patients’ care.

Specialized oncology nurses, including registered nurses and nurse practitioners, are often our patients primary point of contact. Before, during and after treatment, our nurses manage our patients symptoms and side-effects, give them coping strategies and teach them self-care practices. They also monitor our patients’ responses to treatment and actions taken to improve their well-being. And when needed, they direct and connect patients to other members of our care team.