“I chose palliative care to help patients live to their fullest through their cancer journey. I am fortunate to do this with an amazing interprofessional team.”

Dr. Harold Yuen, MD, CCFP(PC)

Division Head, Palliative Care, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake

My Other Recent Appointments and Affiliations:

My Expertise:

  • In-patient, hospice and home palliative care, Malignant and non-malignant palliative care

My Achievements:

  • Promoting and expanding palliative care in our hospital and community.

My Education:

  • Palliative Care Enhanced Skills Program, University of Toronto
  • CCFP, Queen’s University, Kingston
  • MD, Queen’s University, Kingston
  • BScH, Queen’s University, Kingston

If you want me to see you, please ask your family physician to submit a referral form, which they can find here.