Get Involved with Us

There are two key ways you can become involved with the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre (SRCC) at Southlake and make a difference: as a volunteer or as a member of our Patient and Family Advisory Council.

1 – Volunteering

“I leave every Monday and feel like I am on top of the world…I came into this experience thinking I would be giving back, but what these people are giving me is so much more.” – Annette, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre (SRCC) at Southlake Volunteer (Being Well, Special Edition)

Our volunteers transform lives by playing a valuable role. Many of our volunteers are cancer survivors, caregivers or people have been touched by a family member or friend’s personal experience.


Our volunteers support patients living with cancer in various ways during Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Their activities range from helping patients find the way to their appointments to sourcing practical information for them from our Patient and Family Resource Centre.


We ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of six months, for three to four hours during the same shift each week. All volunteers go through a screening process that includes: references, a police check, two-step tuberculosis test, and submission of immunization records (for mumps, measles, rubella and varicella).

You’re Invited to Apply: 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, press this button to apply:Apply-button

Once a suitable position becomes available, you will be called to attend an orientation session and a position-specific training session with an experienced volunteer. Due to  fluctuations in our volunteer requirements, we can’t guarantee that every applicant will obtain a volunteer placement.

2 – Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

“We value our patients, their caregivers or family members’ perspectives about what creates the best experience for everyone referred to us.”Ruth Barker, Patient-Centred Lead, SRCC at Southlake

To hear and apply our patients, their caregivers and families’ perspectives, we established a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) for the SRCC at Southlake. It includes patients who have finished their treatment or their family members, who agree to attend regular meetings at least 10 times a year and actively serve on the council for a two to three-year period.

PFAC Goal:

The SRCC at Southlake’s PFAC’s goal is to improve the patient experience by ensuring that patient and family perspectives are included in cancer care service planning and delivery to enable a person-centered cancer experience.

PFAC Objectives:

As a Council member, each Advisor’s role is to:

  1. Identify patient and family-centered care practices as they relate to SRCC at Southlake programs and services.
  2. Advise on the development and implementation of proposed new programs and services and the evaluation of existing programs and services.
  3. Serve as experts in the creation and revision of patient information and education materials.
  4. Influence and participate in the education of staff, students and volunteers (e.g. new staff orientation; continuing education sessions).

Advisors may also be invited to participate on SRCC at Southlake project teams, committees and/or participate on internal and external focus groups, as specific opportunities arise.


Advisory Council members are responsible for:

  1. Sharing their experience or that of a family member with a diagnosis of cancer to inform their input to the PFAC and influence cancer program changes.
  2. Seeing beyond their personal experiences to assist the SRCC at Southlake so that it may achieve its vision for cancer care that exceeds patient expectations.
  3. Responding to requests for Patient and Family Advisors (PFA) to partner on committees, task forces working groups as requested.
  4. Contributing at meetings by providing advice and reviewing relevant documents between meetings as requested.
  5. Working in a spirit of partnership and within the values of the at Southlake.
  6. Acting as an ambassador for the Central Regional Cancer Program.
  7. Signing the Pledge to the Code of Conduct and completing relevant core curriculum modules.
  8. Signing and adhering to the Confidentiality Agreement at all times.
  9. Attending a PFAC orientation session.
  10. Replying to emails or mail in a timely manner.
  11. Contributing to the production of an annual PFAC report, which will include an evaluation of the PFAC.

PFAC Membership and Requirements:

Greater than one half of the PFAC includes people with cancer and/or their family members at any one meeting. We ask members to commit to serve on the PFAC for two to three years but they may withdraw from it at any time, by written or verbal notification. When term renewals arise, extensions to maintain a balance of new and experienced members are considered.

For more details, you may review and download the full Terms of Reference here. SRCC at Southlake leadership team and active PFAC members review these Terms of Reference and memberships annually.

All PFAC, as well as other volunteers go through a screening process that includes: references, a police check, two-step tuberculosis test, and submission of immunization records (for mumps, measles, rubella and varicella).

You’re Invited to Apply: 

If you are six months post discharge from your own or a family member’s cancer treatment and well enough to attend meetings, as well as participate in review activities, you are eligible to join our PFAC. We welcome applications from men and women, of varied ages, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and geographic locations in Ontario.

If you are interested in becoming a PFAC member, press this button to apply:Apply-button

Interested parties receive an application package, a personal interview for selection, as well as a SRCC at Southlake volunteer orientation. Due to fluctuations in our PFAC memberships, we can’t guarantee that every applicant will become a PFAC member.